Basic Life Support

What is BLS?

Basic Life Support is by name, the basic level of, but the most important level of care that can be given to someone who is experiencing cardiac arrest or respiratory distress. BLS includes the following skills: 

Who should take a BLS course?

Everyone should learn how to help someone in a life-threatening emergency and should take a BLS course to establish proficiency in the skill. This includes anyone who works in healthcare, public safety, education, or any job with interaction with the public, as well as anyone who wants to be prepared to help in an emergency.

What is covered in a BLS course?

A BLS course typically covers the following topics:

How long does a BLS course take?

Which Course is Right for you?

How much does a BLS course cost?

Is BLS certification required?

BLS certification is not required in all job settings. However, it is often required for people who work in healthcare, public safety, child care, or education.

What are the benefits of taking a BLS course?

There are many benefits to taking a BLS course. These include: