What motivated us to begin independently offering  courses, was the evidential need for better education coupled with easier availability of courses. The latter few years of my medical career, were the inspiration for me in becoming an instructor. I wanted to make a difference in the world and the medical field by helping educate my peers with invaluable skills for one of the most formidable, terrifying chaotic times that we all can be a part of. My class, even though tailored toward healthcare providers, is made for everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to save a life. The reason why I named the company A NEW PERSPECTIVE, would be because we are committed to teaching AHA standardized curriculum but in a revised way to promote better learner retention of knowledge and development of life-saving skills of CPR.


Aaron  Newby II

My medical journey began in 2012, with Prince George's County Fire/EMS, Lifestar Response, John Hopkins Critical Care Transport, and MedStar Health. Responding to emergencies ranging from checking the welfare calls, and traumas, to stabilizing the more emergent, and of course cardiac arrest.